Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bye, Bye, Baby

It's come and gone. The babies in this collective group have all been born and we've sent them on their way. A few of those books already have little siblings out in the world, and all the proud parents here at Book Pregnant are keeping newborn hours while still trying to make sure that the toddler is getting the attention it needs.

To that end, something's gotta go. In real life that might mean yoga classes or one less night at the local watering hole. In writer's life that means the smaller projects take a dip, the little things that we took on and thought, "Yeah. I can do that. Sure."

All the little things add up. Our personal blogs, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages are taking their toll and a lot of us are currently gestating a thing or two for 2015 and 2016. Yes, our families are filling out and demanding that we pay attention to them.

And we must. So we're somewhat sadly closing down the Book Pregnant blog, although it will remain up. We hope that it can continue to provide guidance to other authors out there waiting to drop their firstborn. We know that it was a wonderful outlet for us as we ventured out on our debut journeys.

Thank you from all of us here at Book Pregnant!

David Abrams                    Anne Clinard Barnhill                    Nancy Bilyeau    
Wiley Cash                        Erin Cashman                                Barbara Claypool-White
Amy Franklin Willis            Sere Prince Halverson                  Anita Hughes
Jessica Keener                  Julie Kibler                                     Robert Lewis
Mindy McGinnis                 Amy Sue Nathan                           Lydia Netzer
Sophie Perinot                    Brenda Remmes                          Priscille Sibley
Sam Thomas                      Melanie Thorne                            Ellen Marie Wiseman


  1. Feeling a bit teary, but thanks for posting this, Mindy!

  2. Hope our library of back-posts serves as a "what to expect when you are expecting a first novel" for those facing that nerve-wracking first book birth. It's been a blast!

  3. Thank you for the insight you've given us along with the wonderful books you've written. And especially for the inspiration to those of us hoping to give birth to our 'baby' sometime soon. You've shown us it's possible--without too much anesthesia!

  4. I am so sad to hear this. I read about your blog on another site jumped right over. Congratulations on your first and secon born. I hope it was a smooth delivery. I wish you many more.

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